The following improvements were introduced in the 23.2.2016 product release:


Invoice rows report is now changed to list report.


There is also added following new values to report:

  • Business unit code
  • Unit price
  • Quantity
  • VAT code
  • User code


New file storage space of 20GB is now available.

Travel Reimbursement (Add-on)

Some users were experiencing issues with PDF generation for travel reimbursement when there was lots of attachments/data added. Now this issue is solved by upgrading the Pdf creation component. This issue also affects all pdf creations in Visma Severa.


The following issues were fixed in the 23.2.2016 product release:

Issue location Description Date
Case "Remaining Billing €" doesn't show correct information. 23.2.2016
  Custom price list can have conflicting rules on case Pricing section. 23.2.2016
Reports Open/closed criteria doesn't work for reports from browse menu. 23.2.2016
  For travel expenses, Items report shows incorrect sales account. 23.2.2016
  Business overview element on dashboard shows different ready to bill than New - Invoice. 23.2.2016
  Cases report gives error when user has sales status criteria in use. 23.2.2016
Settings Case keywords are not working correclty. 23.2.2016
Travel reimbursement (Add-on) When "Edit travel expense" is opened Admin cannot edit other user Travel Reimbursement by clicking the "customer/case" name if he/she is not member of a case/phase work group 23.2.2016
  Admin is not able to add rows in employee's travel reimbursement. 23.2.2016
  Timeout when downloading a PDF for travel reimbursement. 23.2.2016
Visma Business Integration Visma Business integration doesn't recognize the setting for business unit behaviour on invoices. 23.2.2016
Worktime entries Work hours and work hours and absences shows wrong information in New - Work hours view 23.2.2016



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