The following improvements were introduced in the March 2016 product release:


Earlier the keywords were separated with space like "keyword1 keyword2 keyword3" and there was difference depending from where keywords were added. If keywords were added for example from tools - settings - case keywords it was possible to add keywords with multiple words with space. If keywords with multiple words were added directly from case overview you needed to use underline between the words. Otherwise it made each word as own keyword.

On 22.3.2016 product release we made changes and now the keywords are separated with comma. This change was made to handle the keywords more efficiently. Now its possible to add keywords with multiple words same way from tools - settings and directly to case without underline like "keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3".


Invoices report is now changed to new list report style.



  • Optimization was done for invoice creation.


The following issues were fixed in the March 2016 product release:

Issue Location Description Date
Account Closed cases are showing in case list when creating invoice through the account card. 22.3.2016
Advanced reporting (Add-On) Error occurs when trying to open analysis reports or when trying to export them to excel. 8.3.2016
  In Invoice indicators the Average price of invoiced work hours is calculated wrongly. 8.3.2016
Google calendar sync (Add-on) Sync gives error from activities that are made by user whose account is disabled. 8.3.2016
Maventa (Add-on) Error occurs when transferring invoices to Maventa. 7.3.2016
  Invoice was transferred multiple times to Maventa 23.3.2016
Proposal (Add-on) Line break is not working when adding text to item information field when using internet explorer or firefox. 8.3.2016
Resourcing Resource allocation for internal and customer projects is shown in Work capacity report even if filter 'Customer/internal' is selected. 22.3.2016
Reporting Total on proposal report includes also rows hidden from proposal. 8.3.2016
  Billing criteria is not working anymore in cases report. 8.3.2016
  Items added on work hour entry form are recognized as travel expenses on Invoices report. 22.3.2016
  Invoice row report criteria 'Cost center' does not show all cost centers. 22.3.2016
  Reverse charge -filter does not work in Invoices-report. 22.3.2016
  Case number column values are exported as Cases name values. 22.3.2016
  Users can't move between tabs on dashboard. 22.3.2016
Settings Keywords are not working correctly 8.3.2016
  Sales account for billed items changes on Items report if sales account is disabled in settings. 22.3.2016

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