The following improvements were introduced in the May 2016 product release:


After release invoices are send from Severa to AutoInvoice, which then sends invoices forward as eInvoices, emails or through printing service. Invoices are using Finvoice 1.3 standard.

More info regarding Autoinvoice integration and changes can be found from AutoInvoice integration.


Earlier the products were orderer on the case in alphabetical order. After the change products are ordered by inserts order.


We added total flextime to Users report. You can find it on values with name "Total work hour balance".



Also the Contacts report is now changed to new list report style.




The following issues were fixed in the May 2016 product release:

Issue location Description Date
Action history (Add-on) Action history does not show the persons details who edits product details on case. 4.5.2016
Case Invoices were missing when user clicks edit on Billing and revenue section. 4.5.2016
Finvoice (Add-on) If vat number is given using FI, SellerPartyIdentifier and BuyerPartyIdentifier are modified incorrectly to Finvoice 1.3 and 2.01 xml file 4.5.2016

When travel expenses are grouped on invoice, expense VAT% cannot be changed


User couldn't create new invoice from case if the description for work hours or items was more than 500 characters.


VAT is reset to 0% when editing and saving invoice rows that originate from Flat rate pricing.


Invoices report showed sales person value incorrectly.


When user has access rights to all cases and can approve hours for own employees but not hours for own cases, user can still select hours also for other users on grouped report.


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