The following improvements were introduced in the June 2016 product release:


After release we place the invoice's language code into InvoiceRecipientLanguageCode so that recipient gets emails in correct language.


Before release when invoice had many cases and products were grouped by case+additional grouping, the products didn't came in correct order.
After release when invoice has multiple cases, we take the products from each case first and organize for each case based on insert timestamp.


Files report is now changed to new list report style.



We added new value called "Total flextime up until last month" to Users report. This value calculates user's flextime from the beginning to the last day of previous month.

Visma Business

We added new setting in Severa's Visma Global Settings called "Transfer invoice attachments". This setting controls whether the invoice breakdown and added attachments are transferred to order.

Visma Global

We added new setting in Severa's Visma Business Settings called "Transfer costs from General Ledger Transaction". This setting is added because supplier invoices are normally checked from "Updated voucher" table in Visma Business, but costs from Expense and Lönn will not have the "Amount excl. VAT" in that table and therefore these need to be checked from General Ledger Transaction table. Enabling this setting makes the integration lookup costs from General Ledger Transaction instead of Updated Voucher table. When setting is changed, integration checks costs from General Ledger Transaction starting from the moment the setting is saved.


The following issues were fixed in the June 2016 product release:

Issue location Description Date
Activity Management (Add-on) When you make recurring activity it doesn't show it to all days. 7.6.2016
Autoinvoice Users get error occured information when transferring invoices to Maventa. 17.5.2016
Case Resource allocations shows wrong week number. 16.6.2016
Invoicing When adding products on invoice, default sales account is used. 28.6.2016
Proposal (Add-on) When product is added to case from proposal, product uses default sales account instead of sales account specified to product. 7.6.2016
  User cannot delete product from registry if its added on proposal. 7.6.2016
  Unit price on proposal can't handle enough characters 16.6.2016
Reporting When creating a Phases-report with Labour expenses as column, the labour expenses show zero value (0,00). 28.6.2016

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