Do you have cases where the customer who orders the project is not the one paying the bill?

What about cases where invoice should be sent to several customers from the same project?

Up until now Visma Severa has been lacking the possibility to send invoices to other parties than to the main customer of the case.

We are happy to present you the solution on July 12th!

What you can do after the change?

  • Change the customer on invoice
  • Add billing customers to the case in Billing details
  • Set a default billing customer, who is different than the main account of the case
  • See on invoice reports who is the main account of the case and who was the invoice send to

What you don't have to worry about?

  • Integrations. Our API picks up the correct receiver information from the invoice.
  • Existing invoices. No data will change on existing invoices.
  • New invoices. The main account of the case is also the default billing customer of the case and thus creation of new invoices work same way as before the release.

What the feature doesn't offer?

  • Splitting of invoices
  • Possibility to change the main account of the case
  • Reporting case financials per billing customer

The feature In detail

In Billing details of the case, you can add several billing customers to the case and create invoice for each of them.


You can set another customer than the main account of the case to be the default billing customer. When creating invoices from New > Invoice menu or from the "Ready to bill" on case, the invoice is created for the default billing customer.


On invoice, you can change the customer. Changing the customer will also change address, vat number, account contact, payment terms and overdue interest accordingly.


In the New > Invoice menu if main account and default billing customer are different, the default billing customer is shown in brackets. If you group several cases to one invoice, then invoice is always created for the main account of the case. You can still change the customer on the grouped invoice after invoice is created.


In Invoices and Invoice rows reports you can see who the invoice was send to and in a separate column, the main account of the case.


Release also includes two bug fixes

  • "Products" product type changes to "Own work" when item is added to invoice.
  • When selecting a "subtotal" row on work hour approval report, the rows below aren't selected.

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