On invoice first are shown hours, then products and travel expenses.

Work hours shown on invoice are sorted based on the setting you have made on invoice settings page (invoice template) for item descriptions.

For example if on invoice you show Case, Person and Work type, rows are sorted based on that order. First Cases are sorted in alphabetical order, then Severa checks persons who have made entries and sorts them in alphabetical order and last it sorts the rows based on the work type.

A Case, Greta Garbo, Additional work
A Case, Greta Garbo, Consultation
B Case, Agneta Aberg, Consultation
B Case, Greta Garbo, Senior consulting

Items are always shown in the order they were added to system. All items get a time stamp when added to Severa (date and time) and that is used for sorting.

NOTE: You can only report the date when item was added but you cannot see the whole time stamp. If items are added in random order, sorting needs to be done manually on invoice using the re-ordering option.

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