The following improvement were introduced in the February 2017 product release:

Activity management

When users opened activity type menu on activity, the order of the activities was personal, out of office and then calendar events. Now we changed order so that personal and out of office activity types are shown as last. New order is following:

- calendar events
- to-dos (sales events)
- project tasks
- personal
- out of office


Financial summary report is now known as "Business units". At same time the report is updated into newer list report format.

We added new "Activity type code" as value and filter to activity list report

Advanced reporting (add-on)

After release its possible to create analysis reports for a given time frame. The new time frames are found from the "Fixed timespan" section. 

The following issues were fixed in the January 2017 product release:

Issue location Description Date
Case Travel expense unit price is taken from database when editing pricing of a case using custom price list 21.2.2017
Finvoice (add-on) <VatCode>AE</VatCode> row was added to finvoice even the is no Reverse charge selected for customer/invoice 7.2.2017
Graphical reports "Business unit" criteria disappears when Financial timeline report is saved. 21.2.2017
Reporting Work capacity report gives error when all dates are selected and work type in filters. 21.2.2017
Visma Severa API (add-on) When using API parameter "User for item" person is not selected when products are added using "Add multiple products" 15.2.2017

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