The following improvements were introduced in the April 2017 product release:


Activity category has been added as value & filter to Activities report


After release Work hour summary report is not available and its has been replaced with Users-report.

The Work hour summary-report has been used a lot to deliver hours to payroll since it nicely gathers information about hours, absences, overtime and time entries to one report, but it has also gotten a lot of negative feedback over the years.

The biggest issue has been that users hasn't been able to select the values displayed on the report and therefore they've suffered with a horizontally long report with values they don't need. This has also caused the report to timeout for companies with lot of work types.

Another issue has been with companies using flextime and in need to report total flextime to payroll. The flex time on the report is shown for the selected time frame, so these companies always had to take the report twice, first hours for last month, then flextime with selected time frame starting from the day when they started to use Severa.

The reason why change is done, is that all reports for new Severa needs to be redone. Since the Users-report was missing just some of the values that work hour summary report had + it already had all the improvements people have asked for, the Work hour summary report was removed.

All existing saved work hour summary reports are migrated to use Users report. So the reports users have saved are still in place after the release.

There will be one big change. Work types will be removed from all the saved reports and only total hours will be shown. This is done because in general when reporting hours to payroll, no one is interested on hours per work type, but total hours and then absences, overtime and time entries by type.
If someone wants to report hours by work type, these can be selected back to the report from the values but users need to do this themselves.

Users will also get a lot more out with Users-report. For example the expected hours, approved/not reviewed hours, total flextime up until last month, own KPIs etc.
The Users report now has also lot of new values, such as all the work types and absence types, flex time on time frame etc.


The following issues were fixed in the April 2017 product release:

Issue location Description Date
Advanced Reporting (Add-on) Resourcing analysis grouping doesn't work on dashboard. 18.4.2017
Reporting Cases report gives error when criteria "Case Owner: Business unit or Subordinates" is used. 18.4.2017

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