The following improvement were introduced in the May 2017 product release:


We added new filters in New - Invoice view. New filters can be seen from following picture



We added new filter called "Sales process" to financial timeline & resourcing by person in % report. This is for the New Severa but its visible in current Severa also. We also added Duration of the activity as value into activities-report.


The following issues were fixed in the May 2017 product release

Issue location Description Date
Case Reimbursed item cannot be deleted from the case 29.5.2017
Google authentication Google authentication didn't work 17.5.2017
Reporting Work Capacity criterias are resetted after report is saved 15.5.2017
  Users- and user analysis -reports showed incorrect hour calculations to users. 16.5.2017 (2)
  Work hour flextime calculation problem in Users -report when using Maximum work hour balance limit. 4.5.2017
  Y-axis info was resetted in workhour matrix -report when it was saved. 16.5.2017 (1)
Worktime entries Hours showed incorrect information in new - work hour page. 16.5.2017 (2)

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