The sales overview page gives you a good idea of the sales cases in different statuses in the pipeline. These correspond to the statuses you’ve set in settings. You can either browse the cases in list or kanban view and the cases you see in depend on your access rights and filters used. You can for example filter cases by some keywords or sales person.

You can also see the most relevant KPIs at a glance on the top. By default you'll be able to see for example sales this month and hitrate this month.

Kanban view

Kanban enables you to drag and drop sales cases from one status to another. When a sales case is moved to Closed (won or lost case), case data is automatically updated.

  • Won: Sales status is updated and user is sent to Project plan tab
  • Lost: Sales status is updated and project is ended (won't show up in Project overview)

List view

List view offers more possibilities to update case related information. When selecting a case(s) an action menu open to the top and from there you can choose the action you want to execute:

  • Add keyword
  • Change business unit
  • Change cost center
  • Change expected order date
  • Change invoice template
  • Change joining status
  • Change open/closed status
  • Change project manager
  • Change project status
  • Change sales person
  • Change sales status

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