Store email communication into Visma Severa easily and efficiently using an email-integration. Emails are stored in Severa as activities and they are automatically connected to customer and project cards. Emails are forwarded into Visma Severa using an intelligent bcc email address. Visma Severa will pick the emails sent to address "" which is created by you when email integration is taken into use.

Email integration is available for everyone.

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How does it work?

Emails are created as activities in Visma Severa under a specific activity type. This type is selected in the settings when enabling the integration.

Each email will be created as it's own activity.

Integration reads email recipients from TO, CC and BCC fields and from the email headers.

Email must be send by Severa user or have at least one recipient who is a Severa user. Severa user is recognized from the email address. For security reason emails without Severa user are not allowed in.

When email is sent by Severa user, that user will become the activity owner. If email is sent by someone else and there are several recipients who are also Severa users, one of the users is picked as activity owner and others are added as participants to the activity.

When a recipient is also a contact person in Visma Severa's customer card, contact person is added as participant and activity it's linked to the customer. If there are contacts from several customers, then activity is not linked to any customer and all contacts are added as external participants. Also, if email has recipients which are neither Severa users or customer contacts, they are added as external participants to the activity.

Activities can also be linked with sales cases or projects by adding the project number in front of the email address. For example, if project number is 1001 and the email address created for the integration is, then sending email to links the activity to the project. Attachments from the email are added to the sales case or project as files.

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How to enable?

Integration is available for everyone and it can be taken into use from settings.

There are only couple of settings to define

  • Default activity type
  • Status
  • Email address

After saving the settings, email integration is ready to be used.

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Important to know

If the emails are not delivered to Severa please check that your SPF and DKIM records are configured correctly. Email integration requires that the sender is allowed to send email from the address they are using. These settings are always configured correctly by SaaS email providers such as Google or Microsoft. However if you are using own email server these setting could require additional configuration.

Both DKIM and SPF records can be checked by using Mxtoolbox service: 

You can enter you email domain for example if you are sending email from you should search for: and select DKIM from the dropdown list. For the SPF record you can use: in the search box. Additionally Email Integration checks recipient validity of the email. If it's not valid for example if the receiving email address has been changed you will receive a delivery failure email sent from address

If you are also using Google or Exchange calendar sync we recommend that the default activity type used for email integration is not allowed to be synced. Once you have set up email integration, go into calendar sync settings in Severa and set it so that email integration activities are not synced.

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