In addition to written articles here in Visma Severa Customer Support portal you can also find guided tours and written help within the new user interface. So you don't necessarily need to move away from Severa to seek help!

Guide me button located in the top right offers guided paths/tours within Visma Severa, i.e. How to manage sales cases. The paths can be viewed in several languages and you can choose your preferred language as you go.

Support panel is located in the top right (question mark icon). You can either browse through our written help (Online help, FAQ and Getting started) or watch videos. If you can't find answer to your question, customer care's contact information is found from the blue icon in the bottom right corner.

In addition you can find feature related tips and guides throughout the system. For example if you navigate to Time & expenses view you can find

  • a tip related to copying previous day and
  • a guide on how to enter hours

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