Travel reimbursement PDF file starts using a new and improved layout after the next Visma Severa release on Tuesday the 24th of July 2018. Note that this change will affect both old and new user interfaces.

What is changed?

After the change travel reimbursement will still have all the same information but the fonts and layout is changed and a breakdown of expenses is included in the PDF. Receipts are listed after travel reimbursement and breakdown pages like currently.

Travel expense rows show the travel expense type highlighted and below that you can see the traveling period, account/customer and case/project and description for the row. Additionally quantity, unit cost (per diems and mileages), VAT (is it included in the cost or not) and totals are shown like before.


As a new feature the new PDF print includes also a breakdown of entries grouped by type (mileages, per diems and other expenses) and by project (customer name and project name) so it's easier to check the totals also by type. If there are expenses that use different VAT'S you can see own rows for each VAT %.


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