The following improvement were introduced in the October 2018 product release:

Action history

New action history is going to be released on 23.10.2018!

With action history you can display a log of events made in relation to projects, users, report exports, contacts, invoices and absences. Specific actions are logged and are displayed with the date and time the change occurred, what was changed and the person who changed it.

More info regarding this can be found from here.


  • Clicking member circle on calendar entry quick view shows the info-popover



  • Tooltip for phase status & description in project plan view.



  • VAT percentage field visible to proposal item row in edit mode.

Time & expenses

  • Swedish formatting on work hour page



The following issues were fixed in the October 2018 product release

Activity management

  • Postponing an activity was not possible to earlier days.


  • Error was logged while data transfer to autoinvoice.


  • Calendar showed event incorrectly as all day event if start time and end time was not same.


  • Problems to change customer contact


  • Work hours in the dashboards pie chart were not updated correctly


  • Proposal value change didn't prompt project value change when you edited work hour prices


  • Travel expense transfer failed is some cases


  • Changing price list to custom price list was not possible
  • Project Plan and Proposal views showed only project specific products
  • You couldn't add a fee on project with billing "When phase is complete", if phase was locked
  • Drill down to billable hours was incorrect from project plan billable rate pie chart


  • KPI "Price of products" calculation problem
  • Approval status changed by value was not showing anything for work hour list report
  • Work hour approval (list) -report layout broke if a row was selected and edited.


  • Resource calculation showed 0% for some days/weeks even user had resources allocated
  • Layout issue when looking resourcing and web browser is not full screen
  • Allocate work hours showed empty screen

Sales case

  • When accessing sales case list in Sales overview it showed also projects in the list until user refreshed the page.

Time & expenses

  • Work hour entry closing date prevented to change work hour price on invoice
  • Flex time calculation problem after absences where edited
  • Changing hour quantity or description gave error message
  • Email was not send to user when supervisor didn't approve the work hours
  • User with access rights of Edit own employees was not able to edit hours of own subordinates from time & expenses.

Travel reimbursement

  • Approving travel reimbursements gave error
  • Travel travel reimbursement instructions had formatting issue
  • Couldn't change travel reimbursement status if none of Travel reimbursement statuses had "Approved" selected.
  • Creating travel reimbursement gave error when travel reimbursement status was marked as inactive
  • Travel reimbursement access right issue when access right was "Create and approve own unit"


  • Approving hours from project view left select action pop-up window behind the report name when using Safari browser.

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