The following improvement were introduced in the March 2019 product release:


  • Now its possible to see travel expense type, person and phase on travel expense in project's financial tab. You can also see link to invoice for project fee and travel expense.


  • Another improvement is also that you can see person and phase on project fee in project's financial tab (when API parameters are enabled in the settings)


Invoice (and proposal)

  • Now its possible to navigate to customer or project from invoice and from proposal



  • Sales automation and proposal profitability enabled for companies using multi-currency addon, but only for those sales cases which have the same invoicing currency as organization's base currency

Reporting Financials

  • Improvement to Financials integration that sync started using a Severa system user for authentication. This improves the stability of the integration a lot.


The following issues were fixed in the March 2019 product release:


  • Market segmentation view was broken in customer card.
  • UI layout broke when adding new customer.
  • Contact information was hidden when existing contact was edited.


  • When something else than UTF-8 encoding was used, the scandic letters were not shown correctly.


  • Filters were not working correctly in invoices-kanban view.
  • Uninvoiced items view in invoice showed hours in incorrect order.


  • New users were not able to login to old UI.
  • Logout from old user interface downloaded signout file.


  • Drill down to hours from project > project plan > Team productivity didn't work.
  • When travel expenses were moved from internal project to customer project unit price was not updated.
  • When project template was used, the phase members copied incorrectly.
  • It was not possible to edit project in new UI if the project had flat rate pricing in different phase levels.
  • Closing project freezed the Severa window.


  • When proposal was copied the fee price was changed when project some other currency than euro.


  • Invoice-view was missing the Total excl. tax and Total incl. tax fields for some users.
  • Work capacity -report didn't show user resourcing before user had added some hours.
  • Case status sort order was not working correctly.
  • Work capacity reports work contract field didn't show values correctly.

Time & expenses

  • When work hours were added/edited by using complete the day several times, the work hour balance was wrong.
  • When hours were not approved and user edited them, the approval status was not changed to "Not reviewed".
  • When hour entry was added from activity that was marked as ready, user got error when closing the entry window.
  • Billed workhours status changed to not reviewed when entry was edited.

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