The following improvement were introduced in the April 2019 product release:


  • Now all public holidays are visible in different calendar views.


  • In customer overview we changed the "Margin this year" -KPI to show value based on "until today this year".

Mobile app

  • Now its possible to login using Google and Microsoft credentials in Severa Mobile app and Visma Project Management app.


  • Now its possible to end the recurrence rule for fee billable in future when project is closed.



  • Now its possible to use Custom rolling time frame filter on analysis reports. This can be done by week, month, quarter and year.


  • There is now possible to mass update project/phase of work hours.


  • We also added Business unit (case) -filter to Resourcing per person % & Resourcing overview in percentages reports.
  • Account industry as value to Contacts-report.
  • Exporting measurement unit and/or currency for values when exporting reports into Excel. Financials

  • Financials addon is now available through Upgrades/Features for users to enable.


The following issues were fixed in the April 2019 product release:


  • After removing email address from contact, it was not possible to save changes.

Exchange calendar sync

  • Issue with Exchange calendar sync when user declined activity from exchange.


  • "Do not email" on contact prevented sending invoices and proposals for the contact.
  • User was not able to change invoice status from old UI for some invoices.


  • Transferring invoices gave "Error occured" message.


  • Phase status description field broke after saving over 200 characters.


  • User was not able to edit or add new proposal template.


  • Financial values were messed up in old UI reports.
  • Report-view was missing the filters and values area. Area was visible after refreshing the page (F5).
  • Case report showed wrong title for value invoice template.
  • User was not able to save changes to "Resourcing by person in percentages" -report.
  • Customer/Internal -filter didn't work in "Work capacity" -report.
  • Business unit filter didn't work correctly when projects were grouped to invoice.


  • All Saint's day "Pyhäinpäivä" was added to wrong date in Finland's holidays 2019.

Work hours

  • Error was given if user tried to approve hours with disabled worktype.

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