Visma Severa client credentials are used to authenticate data transfers between Visma Severa and a 3rd party solution.

The credentials are created from Visma Severa settings. It is recommended to create own client credentials for every integration. For example if you have two different integrations, you need to create separate credentials for both.

Create client credentials

  1. Click the wheel icon from the top navigation
  2. Open REST API
  3. Click "Create client credentials"
  4. Add integration details
    1. Integration target system > System where integration will be implemented
    2. Integration description > Describe more what is integrated
    3. Contact person > Internal contact person from you own company
    4. Select API scopes > Select the permission you wish to this grant to this set. If you have an integration partner which have implemented an integration, please ask from them what scopes are used.
    5. I have an integration partner > Select if 3. party is creating integration for you.
  5. Click Save
  6. Client ID and client secret are now created.



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