The following improvements were introduced in the 7.7.2015 product release:


  • Marking activity or phase done in Activities & phases -section of a case uploaded the whole tree, which made it very slow to use. Changed so that the whole tree isn't updated at the same time.


  • Optimization done for User KPI's
  • Optimization done for work hour list report


The following issues were fixed in the 7.7.2015 product release:


  • When opening a date picker menu first time, it displays only 2020 and 2012

Quick search

  • Quick search doesn't display results when there is a typo or user keeps a pause in between writing

Single Sign-on (add-on)

  • Access rights profile doesn't update in Severa when changed in AD

Travel reimbursement (add-on)

  • VAT dropdown is not shown for other expenses when editing row on travel reimbursement.

User interface

  • Loader icon never stops rolling if mouse is not moved, for example when saving work hours

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