The following improvements were introduces in the 10.11.2015 relase:


  • Estonian language added for invoice.

Visma Global integration

  • Fixed translations in Visma Global integration settings.


The following issues were fixed in the 10.11.2015 product release:

Advanced reporting (Add-On)

  • Analysis reports displayed the data user had no rights to when using person related filters.

Google Calendar sync (Add-On

  • In Google calendar activities moved two hours forward when activity is marked as done.

Proposal (Add-On)

  • Layout issue in headers on proposal PDF when language is FI or DU.


  • Activity report does not work when using case number filter.
  • Recurring activities have incorrect time when they are opened from action menu on Activity-report.

Visma Severa API

  • Activity contact guid calculation differs in API

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