We have had two Severa Mobile releases in November 2015. Some of the improvements and issues listed below were released on week 46 and some on week 48. NOTE: Changes are visible for Android and Windows Phone users on the week of the release and for iOS users the week after that.

The following improvements were introduced in November mobile release

  • Added the possibility to navigate between several input fields
  • Added the possibility to refresh to views where data is shown


The following issues were fixed in November mobile release


  • When adding a new activity or editing existing activity, the "completed" slider doesn't work
  • When selecting "all day" the start and end time is not cleared on activity
  • When adding an activity the default start time should be the next full hour
  • Default end time should be one hour forward from the start time
  • Update end time and end date after changing start time and start date on activity


  • It is not possible to call or send SMS to mobile numbers when using iOS


  • Scrolling does not work on dashboard when there's a lot of data (Android)


  • When side swapping, first should come should come home, today, next, recent (Windows Phone)
  • New absence goes to new activity (Android)


  • User should not see unit cost of product when selecting product
  • When travel expense is chosen, it should give the default purchase VAT
  • When adding a travel expense, it says "product" in the button
  • User should not be able to enter unit, price and cost of product

Work hours

  • Align the time to center on work hours page (Windows Phone)
  • Application crashes when trying to save an existing work hour item after editing it (Android)


  • When there are no search results, display a text "No results found" on the screen


  • When changing sales status, probability % should change accordingly
  • Sales value shouldn't have decimals

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