The following changes will be released to Visma Severa's API in the 15.10.2015 release:

Interface changes

Interface name

Change (identifier)

IAccessRights Added new contract to API. Contains the following methods: GetAllAccessRightsProfiles which is used to get all access rights profiles of the organization, GetAccessRightsProfileByGUID which is used to get an access rights profile by GUID, GetUsersByAccessRightsProfileGUID which is used to get all users that have a certain access rights profile (determined by its GUID), and AddNewAccessRightsProfile, UpdateAccessRightsProfile, DeleteAccessRightsProfileByGUID which are used to add a new or update/delete an existing access rights profile. It also has two user specific methods: GetUserRightsByUserGUID and UpdateUserRightsByUserGUID which are used to get/update a user's access rights, based on user GUID.
IDictionary Removed from API, did not have any functionality.
IProduct Added two methods: GetProductByCodeIncludeInactive, which is used to get a Product (including inactive ones, and except for travel expenses) by code, and GetTravelExpenseByCodeIncludeInactive, which does the same for travel expenses.


Other changes

API documentation layout is improved.

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