The following improvements were introduces in the 8.12.2015 release:


  • Finvoice versions 1.3 and 2.01 added for Finvoice add-on


  • Changed the drill downs from Work capacity, Work hours by case and Work hour matrix to go to new work hour list report instead of the old one.

Travel Reimbursement

  • Changed the name for travel reimbursement pdf to meet the bookkeeping requirements.


The following issues were fixed in the 8.12.2015 product release:


  • Fixed issue, where user couldn't save or cancel activities with Internet Explorer.


  • Fixed issue, where limited access rights prevented entering work hours through Severa mobile apps.
  • Fixed issue, where end date was wrong for a full day activity in Severa mobile apps.


  • Fixed issue, where invoice rows didn't have any borders when editing.


  • Fixed issue, where travels couldn't be entered in companies that where registered after previous release.
  • Fixed issue, where resetting of password didn't invalidate the token.

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