The following issues were fixed in the 21.12.2015 product release:


  • User can't change price list do to time out error.
  • On Case > Pricing, the flat rate layout was broken.


  • Country of billing address is shown incorrectly when there are multiple addresses with different countries.


  • Exception is logged when accounting information is updated for work hour row in invoice.


  • Error occurs for couple of users when they log in to Severa, due to a crashing report on dashboard.
  • Email says %CompanyName% instead of the actual company name.


  • Error occurs for users when accessing dashboard with crashing work hour matrix report.

Travel reimbursement

  • User getting error when open travel reimbursement page (Newly created organization).
  • Travel reimbursement shows wrong unit when editing travel expense.

Visma Business

  • TransactionInitialSyncStartDate is saved wrong in database for Visma Business integration

Work hours

  • Overtime is not visible on work hour entry page, when hours are closed for entering.

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