New version of Severa mobile is released on week 4.

NOTE: Changes are visible for Android and Windows Phone users on the week of the release and for iOS users the week after that.

The following improvements were introduced in the release

Activity management (add-on)

  • When account is selected on activity, the case list should only display cases for that account.
  • When adding an activity, add a customer.


  • Improvement to how phases are selected.
  • Cases that have sales status as "no sale" should be shown in the Cases list on Account page.
  • Layout improvements to KPI's on Case page.


The following issues were fixed in the release

Activity management (add-on)

  • Only show active activity types in the activity type list.
  • Show default activity when adding new activity.


  • Text "Sales status" is displaying on case page instead of "Probability".
  • Issues in the Case/Phase tree view.


  • App crashes when user tries to enter work hours (Android).
  • When saving work hour entry it looks like nothing is happening when the connection is slow (Windows Phone).
  • Some of the work hour entry page controls are editable even when hours are approved and read-only in S3 (Windows Phone/Android).
  • Issues with overtime entries.
  • User can't edit work type.
  • User can't select "No Overtime" option once overtime option is selected.
  • User can't edit products/travel expenses with limited access rights.


  • Translation fixes (Windows Phone)

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