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API documentation was showing classes that returned nothing, because those are used only for internal purposes. Following classes have now been hidden from the documentation:

  • AccountGroupService Class
  • API Class
  • Finvoice1_3 Class
  • Finvoice2_01 Class

Interface changes

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IContact GetContactsByAccountGUID to get a list of contacts for particular account. 4.8.2016
IHourEntry AddNewHourEntry method with hour quantity more than 999 returned an unhandled error. This has been fixed so that error message states that max allowed value for hour quantity is 999. 4.8.2016
IHourEntry AddNewHourEntry phase member check failed occasionally. The issue was in the core of Severa and is now fixed. The reason was that on a phase there is a has a check to use either case members or phase members. Even though "use case members" was selected, AddNewHourEntry checked from the phase member list. 4.8.2016

Improved GetInvoiceByNumber method to work better with organizational hierarchy addon. Previously there were errors when trying to fetch invoices by number and having multiple invoice number series. Improvements made:

1. If you do not pass any BusinessUnit.GUID to the method it should return the invoice if this number exists, and is unique.
2. If there are several invoices with that same number and no BusinessUnit.GUID is passed as second parameter, there is "NotFound" exception.
3. If you pass a BusinessUnit.GUID as the second parameter it should only return the invoice with that number if it is found within that business unit guid.


New interface to get time entries through API, including 3 calls:



New interface to improve adding, updating and getting account information. Previously for account information, two interfaces and entities had to be used: IAccount+Account class and ICompany+Company class. This implementation was following Severa's internal logic, but wasn't clear to externals how it should be used and caused unnecessary calls.

IAccount and ICompany still remain and can be used same as now, but for new and for those who wish to improve their current implementation we recommend using ICustomer+Customer class.

ICustomer has following methods:







Entity changes

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Three properties had been marked as "public" instead of "public property" and were showing under "Fields" in the documentation.



New class to get time entries through API


New class to add, update and get account information through API. Replaces Account and Company class and can be used together with ICustomer interface. Customer class has all the properties that account in Severa has and there's no longer need to fetch the properties from two different classes.


New property "PhaseGUIDS" for InvoiceRow class to link invoice rows to phases. Notice that products and items added directly to a case or an invoice are not linked to a phase, and therefore invoice row of such item will return null. Works for flat rate.


New property "FlatRate" for getting information if phase is invoiced using flat rate. Contains flat rate details (price of flat rate, quantity of hours included, price of additional hours and a flag if those are billable) when the phase has flat rate pricing. Only possible to get information, adding or updating not supported.


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