The following issues were fixed in the August 2016 product release:

Issue location Description Date
Advanced resourcing (Add-on) Error occurs when accessing resource allocation reports 4.8.2016
Case When modifying the description of a product before saving, the link to product is lost 4.8.2016
  Error occurs when trying to create cases using Google Chrome 4.8.2016
  Account billing contact dropdown in Billing details of case shows also inactive contacts 9.8.2016
  When new billing customer is added from case, address is not selected as headquarters on account 9.8.2016
  Products, case members and activities & phases are not copied when copying a case 23.8.2016
  When case was openened or edited it worked very slowly or user got error. 24.8.2016
Invoicing Case Billing differs from invoice total 4.8.2016
  Address, VAT number, payment terms and overdue interest aren't updated on first save, when changing account on invoice 4.8.2016
  Case revenue differs from invoice total 23.8.2016
Reporting Values have thousand separator when exporting to CSV, breaking the CSV file 4.8.2016
  On Work hours by case -report the drill down from "Non-billable" doesn't match to the report 4.8.2016
Work hours User cannot save hours when case access rights are changed when using stopwatch 4.8.2016

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