The following improvements were introduced in the September 2016 product release:

Visma Scanner

After the release users can take a picture of their receipts and save it without entering any additional details. On travel reimbursement user can then pick these pictures to the travel rows he is creating.


The following issues were fixed in the September 2016 product release:

Issue location Description Date
Case Severa mobile app doesn't return any cases with limited access rights in Severa. 6.9.2016
  Resourced in cases activities and phases shows 0 even there are resourced hours in the case. 20.9.2016
Invoicing Logo, next invoice number, payment terms and overdue interest are taken from business unit even after organization hierarchy is enabled. 6.9.2016
Reporting In Invoices report the invoice number ordering doesn't work. 20.9.2016
Travel Reimbursement (Add-on) User gets error when opening inactive users travel reimbursement. 6.9.2016
Visma Scanner User with employee access rights gets error when opening travel reimbursemen 20.9.2016

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