The following improvement were introduced in the November 2016 product release:

Advanced Reporting

We added new value to User KPI called "Absences". Now its possible for example report person's billing rate using formula (work hours / (expected hours - absences)) *100%

In user's KPI we added activity types as filter for Absence KPI. You can select only active active types as filters.

We also added new "Cost center (case)" as value, filter to Work hour list -report and work hour analysis report. On work hour analysis -report you can also use that "Cost center (case)" on grouping.

Exchange/O365 calendar synchronization

We had couple of improvements to exchange/O365 calendar sync.

  • First we added Exchange 2016 support to select in Severa settings. 
  • Earlier activity owner was not added as participant to activity. This caused some problems so after release activity owner is always added as participant of activity
  • Improved activity deletion to cause less errors
  • Earlier when initial sync was enabled the entries from 30 days back was synced. We changed that when initial sync is enabled sync is set to start from current time minus one day.

Visma Business

We added couple of new settings for costs and work hours into Severa's Visma Business setting page tools - settings - Visma Business


We added new Webmerge intergration to Severa. With WebMerge you can create various templates with the look and feel of your choice. WebMerge also offers very good options to deliver your proposals to your customers, for example directly sending an email, or sharing documents through Google Drive.
More info regrading Webmerge can be found from


The following issues were fixed in the November 2016 product release:

Issue Location Description Date
Activity Management Recurring activity brokes the Hours and absences calculation 22.11.2016
Case Inactive users can be chosen as a billing contact 8.11.2016
  Cannot add member to main phase after being in subphase 22.11.2016
Reporting Total work hour balance value shows different balance than work time entry page. 8.11.2016
  Item analysis report don't show correct results when using criteria "business unit (User/Case)" 8.11.2016


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