The following improvements were introduced in the January 2017 product release:

Access rights:

We made some changes to access rights. First of all, we have renamed some of the existing case-access rights:

- Own cases, no case creation >> Project member
- Own cases, no financial data >> Project manager, no rights to project financials or invoicing
- Own cases >> Project manager

No changes has been made to the current access rights, so they will work the same way as now. That means that even though we have renamed the
access right to be "project member", we haven't ruled out the possibility that someone can still add that person as case owner and if that is
done, the person will get project manager access right for that case.

There will be a new access right called "Project member, no rights to own financials". This is the same access right as "Project member", but in
addition the user cannot see prices or costs of his work hours (for example on users or work hours reports) and he cannot see any user defined
KPIs based on financial figures. He also cannot see his cost/hour in his personal details. User also cannot see any financial figures from
projects (even if someone else would add him as case owner)
This access right is made to serve those companies who invoice projects from hours. When invoicing happens in hours and not in fixed fees,
companies do not want employees to see the prices of hours because that will tell how company is invoicing it's customers

Advanced reporting:

Customers would like the possibility to differentiate between internal and external project time so we added new parameter all/internal
hours/customer hours to the "Work hours" KPI we have for User.


reCAPTCHA setting has been added to Severa login. If incorrect credentials are given in the login, user needs to fill the reCAPTCHA checkbox. More info regarding reCAPTCHA can be found from


We made improvements to procountor logging.


We added couple of new values to reports. First we added values "Internal hours" and "Customer hours" to Users-report and User analysis-report to
help customers to differentiate between internal and external project times.

Next we added new values "Next Activity" and "Latest Activity" to Case-report and Account-report. Values display start date + start time + name
of the activity on the report.

We aldo added Activities-filter to Case-report and Account-report with option to search for accounts or cases that have no activities at all or
who don't have any open activities.

The following issues were fixed in the January 2017 product release:

Issue Location Description Date
Case It is not possible to select person for recurring items on case when API-parameter "User for item" is enabled 10.1.2017
Procountor Import expenses does't import all the rows correctly 10.1.2017
  Purchase invoices aren't transferring to Severa correctly 10.1.2017
  Send PDF of invoice to ProCountor? selection doesn't work correctly 10.1.2017

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