First release is done 5.3.2017 at 17:00 Finnish time and there will be a downtime of 10-20 minutes. This is because PDF print engine is updated

Also following changes are done.

Procountor (add-on)

Earlier when travel reimbursement was transferred to Procountor parter register was always updated. After release user can select is partner register updated when transferring travel reimbursements. Setting can be found from tools - data transfer - Procountor - Settings tab "Update employee register?" Yes and No.

Proposal (add-on)

After release if you go tools - settings - Proposal statuses you can see new Status info setting in current Severa. Setting was added as improvement in New Severa and is visible in current Severa but it doesn't affect/work on current Severa.


We are removing a report called "Resourcing by person in hours" and replacing that for all existing customers with Resourcing analysis report. Resourcing analysis report will be part of Resourcing add-on. The reason why we are removing the report is that they were almost identical reports and same info can be found more easily from Resourcing analysis report.

Earlier we addded "Latest activity" and "Next activity" values to account and case reports. After testing this we decided to replace those with one value called "Current activity" and it combines the behaviour of existing 2 columns.


The following issues were fixed in the March 2017 product release:

Issue location Description Date
Finvoice (add-on) Invoice transfer gives error when description is added to "Reverse charge" 5.3.2017
Case Error occurs when trying to move a case that has activities from one account to another. 21.3.2017
Invoicing Invoicerows order changes after changing invoice status. 21.3.2017
KPI (add-on) Value of hours KPI calculation gave error. 21.3.2017

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