Visma Severa's Terms of Service will be renewed during spring 2018.

The renewal of the Terms of Service is made in order to comply the changes in operational environment. The new Terms of Service will cover the Data processing agreement (DPA) required by the new GDPR law to exist between data processor (Severa) and data controller (Severa customer). The aim is that in the future, all Visma products will be using the same Terms of Service.

The new Terms of Service will not cover product specific information, such as details about contract termination which won't change. Product specific information can be found from the order confirmation and Monthly report-email.

Also, the new Terms of Service cover API and integration usage quite extensively.

How is the renewal done in practise?

During the spring 2018, Visma Severa will add a "Terms of Service approver" field into Company details. As a default, the head of organization (user without supervisor) will be assigned to be the approver. The field can be edited by Severa administrator if there is a need to assign this role to another person. This person needs to have necessary administrative and purchasing rights in the organization to approve the Terms of Service.

During the spring, we will start prompting the acceptance of the new Terms of Service. When the "Terms of Service approver" person logs into Visma Severa, new Terms of Service is prompted to be approved. If Terms of Service are not accepted by the given deadline in autumn 2018, the access to Visma Severa will be blocked for all users in the organization until the Terms of Service is accepted.

User agreement

Additionally to Terms of Service, all users will be prompted to accept Visma software user agreement. This is also required by the new law. By accepting the user agreement, Severa user agrees that he/she is responsible for the account and it's use.

More information

Visit Visma's Trust Center for any additional question you may have about security, privacy, terms of service or compliance.

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