The following improvement were introduced in the January 2019 product release:


  • Timeout increase for Maventa integration.


  • New Help Centre UI.
  • New icons to replace ones with technical issues.


  • In Project financials add fee or cost view the texts are more visible.
  • Business unit selection to case creation.
  • Project fees are displayed most recent one first in the Project finance-tab.


  • Notifications when you add/split/delete/ allocations or change to another person.


  • Filter Invoices-report based on invoice entry date.
  • Select all functionality to filter dropdowns in multiple places.

Travel reimbursement

  • When travel reimbursement addon is not enabled, user cannot add attachments to travel expenses.


The following issues were fixed in the January 2019 product release

Access rights

  • User got error from project plan view when there was proposal created and user didin't have financials rights.


  • Adding work contract gave error for some users.

Google calendar sync

  • Some calendar entries were not transferred from Google to Severa.

Maventa integration

  • Some invoices were doubled when transferring invoices from Severa to Maventa.


  • Issues updating pricelist in some cases.


  • User wasn't able to change the date when adding a fee from project plan view.


  • Case, case number and case owner filters were not working on users- and user analysis-reports.
  • Financial timeline "Business unit" -filter didn't work correctly.


  • Logout button was missing.
  • Scandinavian characters were displayed incorrectly for Project keywords and Contact keywords.
  • In some cases user wasn't able to access company details -settings.
  • Saving settings didn't work properly.

Time & expenses

  • Some users got error message "Request is invalid" when they opened dashboard or went to Time & expenses.

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