Visma Severa is changing hosting provider from Rackspace to Azure. Production will be moved to Azure on Saturday 9th of November 2019.

During the migration, we estimate downtime in all our services to be 8-17 Finnish time.

Our login URLs will change 

We have added redirects from old login url’s to new ones to help with the transition. However it is possible someone has saved such url as favorite that the redirect won’t work. 

New production login URLs
New user interface: and
Old user interface:

Our IP addresses will change

If you have restricted access to Visma Severa service in your organization’s network or if you have a customized integration using our SOAP API with restricted access, you need to allow our new IP addresses in your firewall.

New production IP addresses for Visma Severa and SOAP API

Outgoing IP addresses
IP addresses where Visma Severa application calls other services. You would need this if you want to allow Visma Severa to access your services behind a firewall.

Incoming IP address
IP address where Severa service is hosted, you would only need this if you are restricting outside access from you network and want to allow Severa, otherwise always use domain name.

SOAP API URL will not change

The URL of our production SOAP API will remain the same

Possible issues after migration

  • Saved favorite link to login doesn’t work
    • We have tried to ensure with redirects that everyone still gets to login page, but there might be some scenarios when the redirect doesn’t work. Save the new login url as your new favorite.
  • Integration doesn’t work
    • Contact the person/company who has created the integration and ask them to check they have allowed our new IP addresses. Integration might have also been built in such a way that it’s using our old hostname or old IP address when calling us.

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