On February 6th at 10 PM Finnish time (UTC +2), Visma Severa had a production release. In this release a technical change was done introducing a new customer database for new organizations. This change was done to help with the performance issues we've experienced lately.

Unfortunately the change caused some unexpected issues. The biggest issue was that context was reset to default for all existing users and customers. Many things are stored in the context, for example information about which addons are used and several settings, including API parameters.

Because the context was reset to default, cost center and sales account information on invoice rows are now empty when fetching invoices and invoice rows through SOAP API. Unfortunately fixing this issue has taken a lot of time and it’s still ongoing. 

Unfortunately there is no way for end-users to fix this issue by themselves.

We aim to have a fix ready and out in production during this week, before month changes.




This issue with the cost centers and sales accounts is fixed in hotfix 27.2.2020. This issue has occurred between 6th and 27th of February. Our fix doesn't fix a date so please check the data from that time period.

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