As a best practice, we recommend most users to have only one Dashboard . This makes it easy to see the data you absolutely need to react to. Of course, you might follow many things daily, and then having several dashboards is reasonable. If you can discern between things you need daily and others you need only weekly, it might be best to put only the former into a dashboard and the latter as saved favourite reports.

Multiple dashboards

Multiple dashboards allow you to quickly view the information you need when you need it. For example, when focusing on sales or support, you may want to view a dashboard which only displays information about customers, contacts and sales cases. Likewise you might want a dashboard which focuses on work hours, and includes work hour entry form, resource allocations, as well as some work hour reports, in an effort to keep accurate track of your time.

Dashboards appear as tabs along the top of the page. When multiple dashboards exist, the tab for the active dashboard is blue. Clicking a dashboard tab activates that dashboard and brings it to the front.

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