If your projects are similarly structured you should consider creating project templates that you can use when creating new projects. You can either use any of your existing projects as a template or create separate template projects. If you are using Proposals you can also add project template from proposal.

Project template can be added after you have created a project. Adding a template does not replace anything so you can use the feature also after the work on a project has been started.

Use another project as template

You can choose any open project as the template. When you click on the Project field, all projects are listed in alphabetical order. You can search for a specific project by its name or number or customer. After you have selected the project template, you have the option to choose what to import.

From proposal

If your sales case has proposals linked to it you'll see a list of available proposals by clicking the From proposal option. Proposal number, total, status and date are shown so it's easier to recognize the proposal you want to use as template. See more from Create project plan from proposal article.

Project group

Project group lists members that you had already added to project group and members from the project used as template. Member shown here will be the whole group so if you remove members those will be removed also from the project. If you want to add new members you can do it already here or after you have added the template on project plan tab.

Project plan

Phases you have added manually will be shown on top (already on project) and below you can see a list of available phases. If you don't do any changes, all phases are added to project. You can also choose phases manually. Editing the order can be done on Project plan tab after adding the template. There is also a possibility to include activities on phases.

Fees and other expenses

Fees are divided based on their type: own work, products and subcontracting. You can either choose all or select the ones you want to include. Note that editing the fees can be done on Financials tab of the project.


You can add new keywords to project by clicking the Add keywords -button.

Files and links

You can also include files and links added to project template. You can either choose all or select the ones you want to include.

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