Restrictions in Exchange/Office 365

  1. Exchange server 2007 and higher supported.
  2. Make sure that Exchange server clock is on time because otherwise there might be collision issues (regarding last update time of an entry)
  3. Changing participant status of an external email (user does not exist in exchange) is not possible when syncing to Exchange.
  4. When participant declines entry in exchange, he cannot sync because entry is not anymore recognizable by sync (it is deleted on exchange), so it will sync when organizer or some other participant syncs
  5. When entry is declined on exchange and synced to Severa, participant is declined (hidden) in Severa too. If participant is added again to Severa it will have Invited status there. When sync is done to Exchange status cannot be changed back to Invited.
  6. When adding recurring activity to Severa so that some occurrence overlaps with other one, Exchange will not accept it. E.g. if you create all day activity which occurs every day (or every workday) and duration is set to two or more days or when moving an occurrence so that start date appears before previous occurrence (Severa and Google will accept that)
  7. Severa does not support Exchange functionality where Exchange resources can be added the same way as attendees.
  8. We recommend that duration of recurring activities is not more than one year. Keep recurring rules as simple as possible meaning NO never ending recurring activities.
  9. If owner of entry in Exchange doesn’t exist in Severa one of the participants is chosen as the owner in Severa (first syncing participant).

Restrictions in both Exchange/Office 365 and in Google

  1. When activity is once added to Severa and saved, owner of the activity cannot be changed.
  2. We do not recommend using Severa and Google or Exchange with different time zones, because this can cause issues with the dates, times and recurrence rules of activities.
  3. If owner of entry in Severa doesn’t exist in Exchange or Google only some of participants can sync. When participant syncs activity goes to Exchange/Google with (first syncing) participant as owner. And more (if e.g. only one additional participant):  If in Severa participant is removed -> sync removes only participant in Exchange/Google.
    Now we have strange situation: non Exchange owner in Severa mapped to other owner. If entry removed from exchange, syncs removes it from Severa and owner can wonder about it.
    Note that Severa owner is not added even as participant to Exchange/Google if he is not also participant in Severa.
  4. If in Severa exception entry is added to recurring series -> Sync transfers it to Exchange. After that if (in Severa) some participant added to series (it is not automatically added to Severa exception(s) but Exchange adds participants automatically to all exceptions when syncing. Later (if ever) syncing from Exchange will bring participant(s) to Severa.
  5. Changing email of user in Severa should be avoided because of sync (old entries would be mapped to different email in Severa than in Google/Exchange)

Restrictions in Google

  1. If entry is added from some Google user outside organization domain and some organization user is added as participant, entry is synced to Severa. Changes made in Severa is not updated to Google and changes made in google is updated to Severa.
  2. If owner of entry in Google doesn’t exist in Severa it will cause an error in Severa.
  3. Only paid Google Apps for work -account can be used for syncing with Google calendar.
  4. Doesn't support recurrence like "every second Friday of month", but it knows how to show that. Also, it doesn't know at all how to show "every second weekend day in month" (or work day or day)
  5. If specified e.g. Every first/second/.../last Monday and start date is set before first actual occurrence, sync changes start date to first actual occurrence.
    That is done because Google would else show also occurrence on start day which would be different than in Severa. Exchange works same way as Severa.
  6. Does recover deleted entries if user accepts the whole series (or if changes own status in some other way to the series). In Severa this functionality is not possible, but we cannot do anything about Google functionality. Sync provides recovering entry on Severa if recovered on device, so it will “fix” the situation in Severa
  7. When splitting recurrence in Google (when saving recurring entry and choosing “from this day”), Google creates two recurring series, and sync does transfer all changes properly. However, if on left side stays only one occurrence, Google does it strangely so that there is an entry which is not defined as recurring series and then one more entry which is an exception for the series. This may sometimes result in a duplicate of this first entry in Severa.

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