If you need to add travel expenses to a project you can do it from the Time & Expenses view clicking the arrow next to Add work hours button. By doing this a menu opens and you can choose Travel expense as the entry type.

Favorite projects are shown on top and you can also use the search to find the correct project. After choosing a project you are forwarded to add details to the selected entry.

When entering travels you need to select the travel expense type and quantity which differs based on the type selected:

  • Mileage: The amount of kilometers/miles driven.
  • Per diem: The amount of days.
  • Other expenses: The cost of the expense. NOTE: Select also if the amount includes VAT.

You can also enter fees to projects in the Time & Expenses view. When Fee is selected as the entry type a list of products added to your product registry opens. Select the product and add quantity and more descriptive description that can be used for example on invoice.

If you need to modify the entry afterwards just hover you mouse over it and select what you want to do (Edit/Remove). Note that after the entry is added it is possible to enter an internal note for i.e. invoicing purposes.

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