Create invoices view displays all billable projects and it is easy to limit the projects using the filters. By default some of the most used filters are shown but you can also add others by using the Add filters button. You can also search for a specific project using the search. You can also export the data to Excel or CSV file.

On the top of the view you can find related KPI values like Billing this month and Ready to bill.

When you select the projects you want to bill a section opens and you can select how to proceed. You can either group projects on one invoice or bill all project on their own invoices. When using grouping, customers projects that are using the same currency are grouped on one invoice. You can also create invoice from this view by clicking the Create from Scratch -button and select customer and project you want to invoice. 

By default invoices are always created to your default invoice status, often called “Draft”. If you select multiple invoices from this view, you can view and check all of them one by one. If there are certain invoices that you don’t need to check that thoroughly you can filter down the list and choose to create invoices to something else than your default status.

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