On Invoicing overview you can see all of your invoices. The invoices are in Kanban view as default. You can also switch the view to List by selecting it from the top right corner of the view. In this overview you can also see relevant KPIs. Note that the filters used affect the KPI values. The selected filters are saved and they will remain until changed again.

Kanban view

In Kanban view you see invoices grouped by invoice statuses. All active invoice statuses set in Settings are displayed. Invoices can be filtered with Business unit (project) and Project manager filters. You can also search for specific invoices by project, customer or invoice number. If you want to review invoices, just click the invoice's box to view full invoice details. Changing the status of an invoice is easy by dragging it from one column to another.

List view

On List view you can see all the invoices which match the filters as a list sorted by invoice number. On default the list shows 20 invoices but you can edit the amount by clicking the Per page selection next to the page selector. The list can also be filtered by invoice date and status.

Invoices can be opened for review by clicking the invoice number or the invoice status if the invoice does not have a number yet.

Invoiced can be edited as a mass by checking the checkboxes which opens up a Select action window to the top of the view. All shown invoices can be selected at once by clicking the checkbox on the header row. You can select the action from the dropdown menu and make the changes by clicking the Update button. Some changes require an additional detail, for example the invoice status you want to set the selected invoices to.


This overview has relevant KPIs displayed. The numbers are affected by Business unit (project) and Project manager filters. The calculated sums are always without tax. KPIs are calculated as follows:

  • Billing this month: Total sum of the invoices which have invoice date in this month.
  • Forecasted billing this month: The total of the forecasted billing of all projects this month (see Forecasting of project financials).
  • Value of hours this month: Value of all the work hours entered in this month. The value depends on the project's price list.
  • Ready to bill: The total value of all the work hour entries and items that are available for billing.

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