The resourcing overview is accessible via the main left-hand side navigation. In there, you can see the workload of the employees in your company, as well as check a few useful KPIs. You can zoom the view to different time frames from the top right. The Weigh resourcing by sales probability toggle affects the resource allocations that are on sales cases by multiplying those hours by the sales probability of the sales case. This allows you to either view the expected or worst-case scenario regarding resource usage, if the expected amount of sales cases are won or all of them.


The KPIs are as follows from left:

  • Estimated utilization rate next 30 days: the average workload for the selected people in the next 30 days.
  • Billable rate last 30 days: how much of the hours in the last 30 days were billable for the selected persons.
  • Projects with unallocated hours: the amount of open projects where you have unallocated hours.
  • Deadlines upcoming in 2 weeks: the amount of project or phase deadlines in the next two weeks.

Keep in mind that estimated utilization rate and actual billable rate have high correlation, so use the figures to react accordingly.


To tailor the view, you can use the filters in the right of the top bar. The filters also affect the KPIs.

The filters you used are stored, so they’ll be applied the next time you visit the page. This is how the filters affect the overview:

  • Project manager: limits the individual allocations to show only for projects where the project manager is the one you select. The total workload for the people is not changed, however, so you don’t lose track of that if you regularly choose to only view allocations in your own projects.
  • Business unit: filters the employees in the view to only those in the selected business unit.
  • Keyword: filters to show only the people who have the selected keyword(s). The keywords should primarily be used to depict the type of resource, for instance graphical designer.

Viewing the workload

When you click on the name of a person, you see all the allocations for that person. You can also edit the ones you have rights to, just like in the project plan view. The bars are stacked so that they take up the minimum space possible, so you get a good idea of which projects the person is working on different timeframes.

The different colors of resource allocation bars depict the following:

  • Blue bar: resource allocations on customer projects.
  • Purple bar: resource allocations on internal projects.
  • Grey bar: resource allocations on sales cases.

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