You can find guided tours of several topics inside Visma Severa by hitting the Guide me icon.

For the Guide me icon to appear next to Search you'll need to enable 3rd party cookies in your browser. Remember that you should consult your IT department before doing any changes to privacy settings.


  1. Go to Chrome menu > Settings > Advanced > Site settings > Cookies and site data
  2. Disable the Block third-party cookies option

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Privacy & Security
  2. Select Accept cookies and site data from websites (recommended)

Internet Explorer

  1. Go to Tools > Internet options
  2. Navigate to Privacy tab
  3. Click on Advanced
  4. Select Accept third-party cookies and confirm


  1. Go to Settings and more menu
  2. Navigate to Settings > Advanced settings
  3. Scroll down to Cookies and select Don't block cookies

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