File storage refers to the amount of disk space available to store files in Visma Severa. Every Visma Severa account is provided 100 MBs of file storage free of charge. If additional storage space is needed immediately, contact your admin user ask admin user to click on upgrades in the sidebar, select the desired edition, select the desired amount of File Storage, and proceed to purchase the service.

What is using a file storage?

All files or attachment added to a case, invoice, travel reimbursement or proposal are using Visma Severa file storage. Also company logo added to company details or business unit is using Visma Severa's file storage.

How to check the status of file storage?

The status and total of File storage is displayed in the Files & Links section at the bottom of every case. File size is the only limitation to adding files. The size of a file is its actual size, and uploaded files can't be larger than the remaining free disk space. The size of a link is always 0, and as such links don't use any disk space. Maximum file size to one file is 10Mb.

Every time a file is uploaded to Visma Severa the amount of available File storage decreases in exact proportion to the size of the uploaded file. The remaining available File storage for an account is calculated by subtracting the size of all uploaded files from the total storage available. The size of uploaded files can’t exceed the File storage limit. Links attached in the Files & Links section don’t take up any disk space.

Locating files & links

Files and links can be located in through the case or report. In case files and links are listed in the Files & Links section of each case. On report select for example browse > All files the get a list of all files and links in the system. Attachment added to an invoice or a travel reimbursement can only be seen opening one by one a specific invoice or travel reimbursement. Attachment added to a proposal are located in the files & links section of each case.

Files & Links in a case

The Files & Links section is located at the bottom of every case page. The text: Total # files and links, ##kB provides a summation of the number and size of files and links associated with that case. The progress bar indicates the amount of free and used disk space for the entire organization. Hover on the progress bar to display a tooltip with detailed information about the amount of free and used disk space.

Files and links can be added to the case using the buttons in the title bar (see the Add files & links article). If files and links have already been added to a case they are displayed in a table. Files and links can be opened, edited, the download history viewed or deleted.

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