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Case numbering allows you to define the sequence of case numbers. Specify the number for the next case, and on every case thereafter the number will increase by an increment of one. Case numbers are displayed in the overview section on the case page. Case numbers are searchable using search, and may be used in the creation of reports. To ease case identification, case numbers may be selected for display on the work hour entry form and in line item descriptions on invoices.


To change the case numbering sequence, starting with the next new case, open tools --> settings in the top menu and click on case numbering. Click to type a new number in the box following next case number. Numbers may not be used more than once, and an error message will appear upon saving if the number is a repeat. If desired, click to check the box following display case numbers to view numbers in relation to cases on the account, invoice and activity pages. And, click save.


To make case selection easier on the work hour entry form, you may select how cases are displayed and include the case number if desired. To do this, open Tools --> Settings --> Company details. Click to open the section case selection format, open the drop-down menu and click to select an option which includes case number. And, click save.

Case number may be added to line items on an invoice by clicking on the config tab of the invoice, and under Automated tags, clicking on case number to add it to the item description box. And, click save.

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