Administrator access rights may be required to perform some or all of the following steps related to Extranet sharing.

In brief

Extranet sharing is an free of charge online extension of Visma Severa that allows you to share project information with external customer contacts.

As a communications network, similar to the internet, an extranet is a great way for people to access, view and interact with information using a web browser. However extranets are private, so users login to a specific address with a password to view information that isn’t available to others.

Extranet sharing gives you control over who has access to project information and what information is visible. After selecting the contacts, their access rights and project information such as Case status, Phases, Billing, Work hours and Files, the contacts are sent an email with login details.


Open a case in Severa 3, and at the top of the page click on the Share this case icon . The settings for Extranet sharing of this case only will open in a new window.

Image: Extranet settings by case

Contacts related to the Account (to which a Case belongs) will be displayed at the top of the Extranet sharing window. If a Contact isn’t displayed, close the window and add the Contact to the Account with a valid email address. It’s important that a contact’s email address is correct, or the Contact will not receive information regarding Extranet sharing.

If you would like to invite Contacts to use the extranet, click to mark the checkbox in front of their name. Contacts can be granted additional rights by clicking to mark the checkbox in front of Approve, Comment or Upload.

Approve gives a Contact the power to accept work hours and phases (Note! Approval does not affect billing, hours can be invoiced even without approval). Comment allows Contacts to view and add comments to the case Overview, Phases and Files & Links sections. Upload allows Contacts to view and add information to the case in the Files & Links section.

The type of case information that is shared through the extranet is selected in the Financials, Phases and Other sections located below. Click to mark the checkboxes for the type of data you’d like to display on the extranet. And, click Save.

Selected Contacts will receive an email with the Extranet sharing web address, a temporary password and details explaining how to login. When Contacts open the extranet they will see only the information available for that case, and they will have rights to approve, comment or upload if granted on the case settings window for Extranet sharing.

Customer, partner and vendor access

Once added to Extranet sharing for a case, external contacts will receive an email with the Extranet sharing web address, a temporary password and details explaining how to login. With this information, the Contact is able to access Extranet sharing for that case, and navigate to other shared cases if they have any available.

Image: Extranet login

Extranet sharing allows Contacts to view select Financial, Phase and Other case information as available. If some Contacts have been granted additional access rights they might be able to change the Case status, approve Work hours, upload Files & Links or add Comments.

Changes made by a Contact in Extranet sharing are automatically saved, and will be displayed in Visma Severa.

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