Instructions what to do in Visma Severa when employee is leaving/has left the company. Please note, that admin user access rights are required to complete the steps.

Ending the work contract

What will happen: When you select the end date for the work contract, system no longer calculates flextime for the employee.
1. Go to Tools – User Management – Edit (the user in question)
2. Go to “Work contracts” and set the end date.

Inactivating the account

What will happen: Employee is no longer able to log in to the system. Employee is no longer visible in Severa. Entered work hours, activities etc. will not be deleted from the system.
1. Go to Tools – User Management – Edit (the user in question)
2. Select the button “Inactive” from the top right corner.
Note! If the Active/Inactive buttons are not visible then the user does not have Supervisor selected. First you need to define another person as the "head of organization". After this the buttons become visible.

Changing the user seat capacity

Please note, that inactivating the user does not affect the user seat capacity. User seat capacity affects the billing.

To downgrade user seat capacity
1. Go to Upgrades – Adjust features
2. In the User seats section type the number of needed active accounts,
3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Next”, then Confirm agreement.

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