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Are you looking for a way to document marketing campaigns? Visma Severa uses Market segmentation to group customers based on common, measurable characteristics for marketing and sales campaigns.

Segments might be geographic, demographic, behavioral or benefit driven, and are then used to target marketing efforts accordingly. Please see Wikipedia's Market segmentation article for more information.

  1. Go to Tools - Settings - Market segments
  2. Add a new Main group
  3. Add new subgroups for your campaign (select the segment you just created as main segment
  4. Go to New - Report
  5. Select Contacts as content
  6. Select a filter such as ‘Email allowed’ if desired and include the Account name as well as the details for communication (i.e. Email, Telephone or Address) as result columns
  7. Click Search
  8. In the top, right corner, click the Excel icon to export the data and open it for review. Now the data is available for use with marketing software for bulk emailing, automated calling or postal mailing.
  9. Record the results of your marketing effort in the spreadsheet file in a simple format.
  10. In Visma Severa, go to Tools - Account Import
  11. Download the Account import template. Please see the Account import article for detailed instructions.
  12. Keep the column headers, but use your cursor to select and delete the sample data in rows 2 – 5 for all columns
  13. On your spreadsheet with the marketing campaign results, copy data from all rows for the Account name column, and paste it in the cell for row 2 of the Account name column on the Account import template
  14. Copy and paste your marketing results in a similar manner to the one described above for row 2 of the Account group column on the Account import template. The import format for segmentation data is: backslash (\), main group, backslash, subgroup, vertical bar (|), backslash, main group, backslash, subgroup. For example, a company that was sent the campaign mailer but didn't respond is identified as: \January 2013 campaign\Sent. While a company that was sent the campaign and did respond is identified as: \January 2013 campaign\Sent|\January 2013 campaign\Responded.
  15. Leave the other data columns empty
  16. Save the file with a new name in CSV format
  17. In Visma Severa, go to Tools - Account import
  18. Browse to locate and select the new file and click Upload. Notice the content confirmation page shows that no new accounts will be imported, and while the results seem empty this is in fact correct since you are only uploading new segmentation data to existing accounts.
  19. Click Confirm
  20. Go to Tools - Settings - Market segments to see that the campaign subgroups are populated. If desired, click the linked # accounts to view a report of the associated accounts.

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