Work hour pricing is how you determine the rate at which work hours are invoiced. Pricing is configured through Price lists and the case Pricing section, and is defined through the Pricing hierarchy with criteria such as Person, Work type, Phase and Rate.

A Price list is a group of pricing rules that is used on more than one case. Price lists are managed through Tools > Settings, where multiple lists can be created to satisfy different pricing models. However, one Price list is designated as the Default and is used automatically for new cases unless another list is selected.

In the Pricing section of a case, the Price list is identified and additional pricing rules can be specified. The current Price list can be adjusted, a different price list can be selected or a Custom price list can be created. Changes made to a Price list inside the case Pricing section do not affect the original price list, and apply only to that case.

Price lists

In the top menu, hover on Tools > Settings. On the Settings page, click to open Price lists.

To create a new Price list, enter a Name and click Add. Or click the Edit icon to adjust an existing Price list. Once a price list is open, locate the table in the Work hours section. The first row is marked Default price, this is the amount invoiced for work hour entries unless specifically defined elsewhere in the Price list or case Pricing section. Enter a numeric value in the Price column for the Default price.

Additional pricing rules are added using the New row button. When a row is added, select the Person and Work type from the drop-down menus and enter an amount in the Price column. Add as many rules as necessary to achieve the desired pricing structure, but keep in mind that new rules can’t duplicate or replace existing rules. 

For example, you charge a Default price of $100 per work hour, with additional rates of $150 per hour for all employees doing project management and $175 per hour for all employees doing consulting. Then you decide that work done by a new employee, Timothy Martin, should be charged at $75 per hour and consulting work by a senior partner, Margot Gnudersen should be billed at $200.

With this work hour pricing structure, all work hours entered by Timothy will be billed at $75, while project management hours for all employees will be billed at $150, consulting hours for all employees except Margot be billed at $175 and Margot's consulting hours will be billed at $200. All other work hour entries not specified will be billed at $100 per hour. 

Additional considerations such as Overtime, Travel expenses and Products can be added to the Price list according to the add-ons in use and desired billing structure. When rates have been specified and are complete, Save the page.

Note the name of the Price list, and when creating a new proposal or a new case you can select to use this price list. Or you can select this price list by editing the Pricing section and selecting it there.

Case pricing

Create a new case or open an existing one. On the Case page under Sales & Financials, click the arrow to the left of Pricing to open that section if it isn’t already open. Locate the name of the Price list in use, and review the pricing structure for that list.

To adjust pricing for this case, click the Edit pricing button in the section title bar. A different Price list can be selected using the drop-down menu at the top. Or select Custom to create an entirely new list for this case only. It's also possible to add rules to the existing price list by clicking the New row button at the bottom of the work hour table. 

When creating a new price list, use of a New row requires that Person, Work type, Phase, Rate and Price information is specified. For the Person, Work type, and Phase columns, selecting All will enact the pricing rule on all employees, work types or phases (including the root phase or case and all other phases) unless individual exceptions are also added as rules. In contrast, selecting a single person, work type or phase (including the root phase) will limit the rule to that instance only. 

Overtime, Travel expenses and Products can also be adjusted in the Pricing section of a case. When editing is complete, remember to Save at the bottom of the Pricing section.

Pricing hierarchy

The pricing of invoiced work hours is hierarchical. Prices are derived from the case Pricing section, and if not specified differently are from there referred to a Price list.

The price of invoiced work hours is established as follows, with one being the first rule considered and 10 being the last rule applied when hours do not qualify for pricing with any previous rule:

  1. Flat rate for the case (root phase)
  2. Flat rate for a phase
  3. Hourly rate for person + work type + phase
  4. Hourly rate for work type + phase
  5. Hourly rate for person + phase
  6. Hourly rate for phase
  7. Hourly rate for person + work type
  8. Hourly rate for work type
  9. Hourly rate for person
  10. Hourly rate for all

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