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People with Access rights to view invoices are able to attach PDF files like proposals, receipts and proofs to invoices.

It’s easy to convert files into the PDF format (use Save As in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, or find a conversion program such as Adobe Acrobat) and in turn, it’s easy to organize and send information related to invoices.

Once attached to an invoice, files appear below it in a list that can be organized to specify printing order. Files attached to an invoice with a locked status, can’t be edited or deleted through the invoice or the case.

Attached files are associated with the invoice, but are stored according to the case and appear on the case page. Files attached to invoices use  File storage space just like regular files in Visma Severa, however the same file can be attached to many invoices and yet it only occupies file storage space once.

Invoices that are transferred as PDFs via an accounting Interface or API will include the attachments.

Attach file

  1. Scroll to the bottom of an invoice, and click the Attach file button
  2. On the pop-up window, click Choose file to select files on your computer and upload attachment(s)
    1. If the invoice is for a case that does not have files attached to it, Choose file pop-up open
    2. If the invoice is for a Case which has files attached to it, the pop-up will include two options: Browse to locate a file and Select an existing case file.Select an existing case file opens a list of files from which one or more can be selected and saved.

    3. If the invoice includes charges from more than one Case, browsed files need to be assigned to a Case through the To which case does this file belong? drop-down.

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