Open upgrades

Add-ons and Interfaces are purchased and activated by clicking on Upgrades in the sidebar on any page.

The Upgrades page presents the current Edition and Features that are active for your system. Upon completion of the purchase, the selected Add-ons or Interfaces are ready for use. If you don’t see the new Upgrades immediately, simply logout and login again to refresh your system.

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Adjust features (edit user seats or add-ons)

1. Click Adjust features on the top left, then click Add-ons or Interfaces to open the relevant list.

2. Enter a different number to increase or decrease the number of user seats or use the drop-down menu to select a different quantity for File storage.

3. Proceed to select or deselect add-ons and interfaces as needed. Click the Select or Deselect button to the right of a feature, and once properly configured click the Next bar to advance to the Agreement page.

4. The Agreement page displays information about selected features, costs and billing. Review these details, and when ready, click Confirm agreement. The order confirmation is also sent by email to the Billing contact as a PDF attachment.

Invoice will be sent to you by Visma Solutions Oy or by your reseller.

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Termination of contract or downgrade

Termination or downgrade (disabling of add-ons or decrease of user seats) of the contact must be enacted before the end of payment period. For example If payment period is 1.3.2013 - 31.8.2013, changes must be done latest at 31.8.2013 to effect the new order confirmation that will be automatically created 1.9.2013. More details can be found from Visma Solutions terms and conditions.

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Change edition

1. Select Change edition

2. Select Professional/Business/Enterprise edition and select Next. Confirm changes.

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Billing details

1. Select  Billing details.

2. The current Billing address on file is displayed. Click edit to update your billing address.

3. For Finnish companies, please notice that it's also possible to add your company's eInvoice Address and eInvoice Operator. Click Enable eInvoicing or Edit current einvoice address or einvoice operator.

Once this information is provided, future invoices will be sent electronically (via Finvoice). Every time an e-invoice is generated for your account, Billing contacts receive an email notification the invoice with a link to view it.

4. Click Edit to enter you VAT Number and have this information available for billing, invoicing and reporting.

5. Click Edit to identify Billing contacts for your Visma Severa account. You can select people from within your account or add external contacts by entering their email address.

Every time an invoice is generated for your account, Billing contacts receive an email notification the invoice with a link to view it. We recommend having two or more Billing contacts to ensure that someone is always available to handle the invoice payment. Additionally, it may be helpful to have the invoice sent to a mailing list, such as "".

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Order history

Order confirmations accessible by clicking Order history from upgrades. The history presents a list of all order confirmations generated by date, along with the total amount due. Click the date the invoice was generated to open the order confirmation for review.  

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